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Vanja Šibalić


Location Belgrade, Serbia

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Scars Remain

Project description:
Creative solution of the poster is focused on interpreting climate change as a very dangerous threat to life on Earth. The responsibility of continuous human impact on the condition of the planet is specially underlined, as one of the aims of the campaign is to raise awareness and provoke immediate action. That is the reason why the skin cancer is attacking human body, symbolizing the fierce and powerful revenge of neglected planet. Melanosis is also clearly representing serious consequences of global warming process, so that urgent healing must be our priority. They are deliberately shaped in the form of continents in order to suggest that the danger of climate change is omnipresent. This contributes to the transportability of the idea to a global audience. It is also intentionally placed on the girl's back suggesting that if we “turn our backs” to our endangered planet, we will surely be the ones to suffer its downfall. Communication tone relies on the power of shocking images to attract necessary attention that is so significant for ecological issues. It has a good potential to be seriously understood within our target audience as a presage of the apocalypse that is arriving as a result of our wrong doing towards the nature. Suggested headline is following the visual elements in the form of direct warning – scars that remain are a metaphor of the irreversible damage that is already done; as well as in the form of direct appeal not to turn ourselves from this important cause. The message is simple and understandable to our peers and to global audience. The overall objective of this poster is to point out the significance of the climate change issue and to call for action using the symbolic depiction of serious consequences at the same time.

Published: Apr 08, 2016

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Scars Remain
Vanja Šibalić

Location Belgrade, Serbia


Dragan Dimčić Dragan Dimčić, Apr 08, 2016 10:11
Lepo :)
Vanja Šibalić Vanja Šibalić, Apr 08, 2016 10:11
hvala ;)

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